September 24, 2008

I truly believe that everything I have done in my life up to this point has prepared me for what I am doing right now. I used to be apologetic about my varied career - it seemed like I was always doing something new, but now I see that I am a "start-up" person. I am the one that comes in - whether I am hired or just launching something new - get things up and running, work out all the bugs, do all the creative, inventing, and then when others start "working" the business, taking over some of the tasks from me (usually because I am doing more new things and run out of time to get everything done), I am ready to slowly start backing out, releasing tasks, and eventually working my way out of my job.

This has described all the jobs I have had to this point - working for others and working for myself. Along the way I have picked up skills and talents that have led me down different roads. I've always enjoyed my work, have been relatively successful, and have made a living.

To describe my work now, I would have to say I am a Heritage Maker, an administrator, a director (school play), an ex-wife, a mom, a mother, a GrandMother, a friend, and more. Today - I am so happy and grateful for my full and happy life!

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